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The Blue Rocket Company was founded in 2008. The total number of employees currently reaches 10-49. Average hourly rate is $150-199.

Blue Rocket, 233 Sansome St. 11 th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94104 United States,

Phone #: +4 15 5810 0500

Official web site:

Blue Rocket offers high-quality services of development and design for award-winning mobile apps and websites. The company delivers meaningful customer experience for successful brands. Bluer Rocket works with such famous brands as Hal Leonard, Chipotle, WebMD and Zinio. The company offers various services, including app design, development and business strategy services. The company provides solutions for iOS and Android web applications by the means of the latest mobile know-hows.

Why to choose Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket is a full-service studio that provides the best solutions in mobile application development. The company works with startups, small and medium businesses as same as with famous brands specified on Android and iOS devices. Blue Rocket offers quality app promotion and development providing expert mobile product design and innovations. The skilled Blue Rocket team has already developed over 100 mobile and web app projects. The company’s services include advertising, improvement, user experience design, Android and iOS app development, web app development, app analytics, and API integration strategies.

Blue Rocket Services

Blue Rocket provides quality services including advertising, improvement, user experience design, web app development, iOS and Android app development, app analytics, and API integration strategies.

Blue Rocket Development Process

These days mobile app development market attracts many influential companies. Therefore, if you want your app to reach top ranking and get a good visibility you have to operate according to the well-organized mobile app development strategy. Here are seven steps of creating successful mobile app:

1. Notion and Strategy
The process of app development starts with selection of right direction. Once the strategy is created, the creation of the app architecture and design is the next step.

2. App Naming and Design
On this stage, the app appearance together with its concept, graphics and images is performed.

3. App Development
This step includes work on the app functionality and product launching.

4. Testing
With the main purpose to guarantee the app proper work, the app is tested throughout the entire process of development with recording everything.

5. Renovation & Revise
When some issue appears of testing is will be fixed on this stage and the app will get its final form.

6. Ideas Carrying Out
The company always works on the idea and creates a detailed well-organized strategy.

7. Submit & Start Earning

The final step includes the app submission to the app store. On this stage, the developer starts earning his money.

Reviews of Blue Rocket

Along with the Blue Rocket client’s feedbacks, the company provided expert feedback and responsive communication during the course of every project development. Here some of the clients’ feedback on Blue Rocket team’s work:

“Blue Rocket performs a great job while working on project. This very professional company works properly through the entire process of app development. They make sure every aspects of the app is working properly.”
– Owner, Social Media App

“I am very grateful for the services provided! It was so easy to get all the needed announcements: about my books sent and money posted to my personal account. I will definitely recommend this company!”

“I have never worked with such an expert company. Blue Rocket customer support service was just great! It was never so easy and convenient to work on the project. Blue Rocket always provides the best possible app solutions!”

“Blue Rocket is the exact company we have been looking for. That is why it not the first time we are working with this professional team. The company offers great rates, and the customer support is very qualified.”

“Blue Rocket has become my trusted partner for just a year. This company is one of top on the market. In addition, all the services provided are very convenient in use. I can track all my books, and get fee very fast.”

Official web site:

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