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The Fueled Company was founded in 2008. The total number of employees currently reaches 50-249. Average hourly rate is $200-$300.

Fueled, 568 Broadway,
FL 11, New York, NY 10012, United States

Phone #: +8 00 962 4587

Official web site: https://fueled.com/

Fueled provides award-winning mobile apps and websites with high-quality development and design. Fueled works with app and websites that are responsive, eye-catching, fast and easy in use. The company likes working with exciting projects and new unique ideas. Fueled clients represents both startups and big brands. The company likes clients who are well aware of what they want from their website and app development.

Why to choose Fueled

Fueled team provides the best design and development and for prize-winning apps that are responsive and easy in use. The company offers various services that help clients with their website presence’s building. Fueled is skilled company that can both create an app from the scratch and optimize the present one.

Fueled Services

Fueled offers various valuable services:

    1. Web design strategy
    2. Web development
    3. Mobile app development
    4. Enterprises and ecommerce development
    5. Search engine optimization
    6. UI/UX Design

Fueled Development Process

Nowadays many influential companies are involved into mobile app development market. Consequently, if you want your app to obtain a good visibility you need to work according to the well-planned mobile app development strategy. Here are seven steps of creating successful mobile app:

1. Idea and Strategy
The development process begins with the right direction choosing. After the strategy is created, the next steps will be creation of the app architecture and design.

2. App Naming and Design
This following step allows designing the app appearance together with its concept, graphics, images, etc.

3. App Development
Here the main work is focused on the app functionality while the development process in running. It also includes product launching.

4. Testing
In order to guarantee the app proper work, the app is always tested methodically during the entire process with recording the whole thing.

5. Repair & Revise
In case some issue comes out of testing is will be fixed on this stage and the app will get its final version.

6. Ideas Implementation
The company always works through the idea and creates a detailed well-planed strategy.

7. Submit & Start Earning
On the final stage, the app is submitted to the app store, and the developer starts earning money.

Furthermore, the app development process has need of few additional steps before and after app submission to the app store:

  • Publicity

App promotion remains an important issue during the entire process of app development, as getting an app to the store is just the first part of the work.

  • Expert Support

While the app development process good expert’s support will be useful for your app further advertising.

  • Work with Apple

Owing to company’s relationships with Apple, your app will be featured in the App Store some way.

  • Support

Company offers support packages that covers any situations and inspections.

Reviews of Fueled

Along with the client’s feedbacks on Clutch.co, Fueled offers great support services together with valued response and feedback. Here is what Fueled clients say about the company:

“It is so nice to work with the company that cares about partnership. It was a successful collaboration of two skilled companies that work on one interesting project.”
– Junior Manager, Verizon Wireless

“The creativity remains company’s great advantage during long years. It varies Fueled from other familiar companies on the market of digital technologies.”
– Chief Executive, Finance App Startup

“Fueled is the best possible partner for Mobile Startup Company. They always make sure you use your money on the most important aspects as the app functionality and design upgrading.”
– Co-founder, Mobile Application Startup

Official web site: https://fueled.com/

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