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Intellectsoft company was founded in 2007. Currently, the total number of employees reaches 50-249. Average hourly rate is $50-$99.

721 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto,
CA 94303, United States,

Phone #: +4 08 879 7338

Official web site:

Intellectsoft is a full-service company that offers web and mobile app development, marketing and support. With a client’s base almost in all corners of the world, including both established enterprises and startups, Intellectsoft has already helped more than 300 clients to develop software and mobile solutions alongside with providing business strategies and modernizations. Intellectsoft has seven global offices and serves clients globally at every stage of software development process. The company focuses on providing the best improvement of Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5 apps in common with ERP and CRM suites. Support, integration and marketing services are also available with Intellectsoft company.

Why to choose Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is the software and mobile app development company that can provide various services to help your project on every stage of its development. Having twelve expert professional studios, Intellectsoft provides companies with a great opportunity to develop their project successfully using company’s software and mobile app development solutions.

Intellectsoft Services

  • Mobile App Development

Currently, mobile apps have become what the websites were in 90’s. With the main purpose to provide customers with mobile app development, the company works via numerous powerful platforms (Android, iOS, Windows phone, HTML5 and hybrid). Since 2007, Intellectsoft has already delivered over 250 custom enterprise mobile applications. The company cooperates with both famous brands and startups who want to reach a real enhancement for their apps. The well-planned mobile development service includes user interface design and user experience, coding, requirements documentation, business process restructure, testing, system integration and quality guarantee. Applying for company’s mobile development services will allow you to improve processes, productivities and customer experience, integrate systems, obtain secure digital content and create new profitable opportunities.

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Web Development
  • Big Companies Solutions
  • SMB Services
  • Consumers and Startups

The company offers great possibilities for startups and small businesses that can help implement their ideas by using the latest developing software and mobile solutions.

  • Support and Maintenance

With the key purpose to address stability, functionality and good performance, Intellectsoft offers high-quality services of support and maintenance that help improve business productivity and efficiency. With a great experience in support and maintenance, the company delivers top-class services, including testing, system scaling, modernizes, performance tuning, deployment management and L1-L3 client support. Intellectsoft’s support and maintenance allow maintaining apps, monitoring app performance, and developing strategies.

  • Software Development

Intellectsoft Development Process.

With the main purpose to ensure high functionality of the app, Intellectsoft team finishes numerous alphas and betas versions of the app. The company’s project development is divided into the following eight stages:

1. Study and Business Analysis.
2. Project performance over clickable prototype. The final version is available via web link.
3. Project planning, including project range calculation, project delivery time and fee.
4. Graphic design is provided with a few design concepts.
5. Application development.
6. Testing during the entire development process.
7. Application delivery.
8. Project optimization and maintenance.

Reviews of Intellectsoft

According to the client’s feedbacks on, Intellectsoft response and feedback are very valuable and always provided on the dot. Here is some clients reviews that describe company’s support:

“Working with such a professional company as Intellectsoft is a first step to success. Even though Intellectsoft is a small company, the job its specialists perform is huge. Besides, the results of their work are beyond our expectations. We will definitely reach Intellectsoft for future projects.”
– Top Manager, Software Company

“Intellectsoft has a great ability to work through different innovative ideas. They are always willing to work on new and unique ideas, as they really appreciate inventions.”
– System Manager, Transport Provider

“The company performed a great work. We are much appreciated for that, as all our goals were reached.”

“Intellectsoft support team is very qualified, as same as the entire company staff. On the every stage of the project we were easily cooperating with company.”

Official web site:

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