PhD Labs Review

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PhD Labs
9281 Research Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618
United States

Phone #: +9 49 214 4003


PhD Labs is an expert in app development process. The greatest our advantage is that all developers of our company really enjoy what they do and it influences the final result. Listening and talking are our methods of interaction with customers. We listen to them, determine their business needs and put forward creative ideas. We treat our clients as our partners. As soon as you get acquainted with our team, you will make sure that your draft is in safe hands.

Our web development company has more than 15 years of experience in the mobile and web development, search engine optimization, technology analysis, social media consultation and many others.

PhD Labs is founded in 1998 by Robert Patrick. He was 18, when he started developing software for various companies. Right after graduation from the university, this young man set up PhD Computing Inc. that was engaged in application development for such companies as Experian and ADP.  But Robert wanted to start more design oriented services. At that time he was impressed by the work of Organic Sales for Toyota, Transamerica and PGA and he decided to contract them for a year. In 2011 these two flourished companies were merged together.

We are proud to be among the best app development companies. Moreover, PhD Labs team has built an original start up ecosystem to provide app oriented companies with help.

Why to choose PhD Labs

PhD Labs technology specialists are fond of an excellent design, as a proper design is a matter of great importance. We understand how the first impression is important and how it influences the clients’ choice. For this reason, we pay special attention to it.

Don’t hesitate, created by us mobile app or other web solution will, surely, catch the eye, ensuring unforgettable experience.

PhD Labs Services

Since the 1990’s we have been developing custom software and various app solutions for global companies. Want to find out about our services? Have a look!

  • Mobile apps development. We are here to turn your mobile ideas into reality. If you fancy how your Android or iOS app should be, tell us and we will do our best to bring it to life and suit your business concept.
  • Web apps development. PhD Labs is advanced web apps development company with vast experience under its belt. We serve the largest global companies and technology start-ups. We know how to make your business vision become a reality.
  • Apps marketing. We provide great app marketing services. We check the largest social platforms to find out how to use them for our customers.

PhD Labs Development Process

With PhD process we are able to start a wide range of drafts of different sizes and shapes. We like when everything is under control and has its sequence. That’s why our development process consists of 3 stages.

  • Design creation. A blueprint is a start of the development of every project. It is the first step that gives us an opportunity to investigate your business needs and transform it into top-quality technology.

All this begins with wire framing an app and ends with prototype creation.

  • Building process. Our experienced personnel possess all necessary skills for web development. In this stage coding, programming and testing happen.
  • Launching. It is a final phase of the development process, during which we help our customers submit their products to the app market.

Reviews of PhD Labs

As shows, PhD Labs gets a bunch of positive and content feedbacks. No wonder, as talented team of professionals does their best to meet all your business needs. Here are some of clients’ comments:

“I extremely liked how the PhD Labs did their work.”
– Senior Product Manager, Cloud Services Company

“Our cooperation was excellent. PhD team really likes their work.”
– Manager, Family Restaurant and Bar

“We have been cooperating from the beginning and we have created nice interaction. I absolutely trusted them.”
– Owner and Practitioner, Medical Practice

“They provided me with a perfect job in terms of designing issues.”
̶ Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Startup

“I have only positive experiences.”
– IT Manager, Global 500 Consumer Products Firm

“We have relied on them and get great results. It’s perfect.”
– COO, Technology Solutions Provider for Healthcare Providers.


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