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The company was founded in 2007. The total number of employees currently reaches 50-249. Average hourly rate is $50-$99.

WillowTree, Inc.®,
107 5th Street SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States,

Phone #: +8 88 329 9875

Official web site: http://willowtreeapps.com/

The WillowTree app web design and development company offers various services of web design and development. The company specializes on design and development of apps for platform, together with emerging and new technologies. Alongside with providing various services, company offers package deals for design, security, cloud integration, optimization and strategy. WillowTree offers high quality services for small and big businesses with exclusive offerings for big companies and ecommerce.

Why to choose WillowTree

WillowTree skilled mobile design team provides the best services needed for quick development of apps. The company’s main work focuses on app development. The key services that company offers include business process redesign, mobile strategy and experience design. The provided services help clients with implementation of their ideas into practice. With the aim of ensuring the app’s user-friendly characteristics, the team designs interface and works on user experience. The app development process includes numerous kinds of work including naming and design of business style, colors and specific features of your app. According to developers’ ideas, the gifted mobile development team creates working apps by using code. The company works with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices as well as browsers and desktops. Clients get the app that runs on any device or operational system required. The unique option to design responsive versions of websites in order to underline various types of security and compliance integration is also available. It allows protecting your business and your clients during the process of app usage. Furthermore, you can order direct integration for cloud services and API from WillowTree. For ecommerce and enterprise services, the company can offer app design services that allow working with large-scale stores supporting thousands of users. You can design your store’s app version by using cloud intranet and business communications that company offers. Great marketing and analytics allow getting full package of demanded services together with package deals. If you have your own marketing team, you can simply avoid these functions. WillowTree provides great services for both small and enterprise-size businesses. The company offers mobile high-class design and development, delivering enterprise level security via all platforms.

WillowTree Services

iOS Development
WillowTree examines the strong points of every iOS platform with the key purpose to build the best solutions across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other platforms.

Web App Development
WillowTree has a skilled Web Apps team that designs mobile-optimized sites, web applications, mobile web apps, and native-wrapped sites that operate flawlessly on every device.

Android Development

The company has a big experience in Android application development. Therefore, every WillowTree solution is skillfully engineered and harmless.

Xamarin Development
Uniting knowledge of UX development and design with Xamarin's platform, WillowTree produces applications that function like native ones and have the same appearance.

UX Strategy
WillowTree provides customers with the information about the most well-organized and effective kinds of app that must be designed and their strong points.

UX Design
Excessive user experience is a key for driving business value. Therefore, UX design is so important for your app. WillowTree creates UX design for every device and every screen.

Safe and Compliance

Your business data safety is one of the most significant company’s tasks. WillowTree provides high-class mobile security that never takes your business down.

Mobile Backend Engineering

WillowTree API server-side solutions are skillfully improved with the key purpose to meet the unique product requirements.

WillowTree Analytic Architect is involved during the entire cycle of your project development, ensuring that you collect the correct data.

WillowTreeDevelopment Process.

At this time, many powerful companies are involved into the sphere of mobile app development. Consequently, if you want your app to reach a good visibility you have to work through the well-organized strategy of mobile app development.
Here are 7 steps that can help create successful mobile application:

1. Design
First step in the process of app development is the wireframes generating, for every screen. Then the app information architecture is to be built, right after the user flow and interaction with the app are defined.

2. App’s Appearance
On this next stage, it is time to design app’s appearance, including its concept, the entire graphics content, icons, etc.

3. Improve Life
The stage where the precise development process is started. The app functionality is the key feature on this stage. This step it includes coding and adding of the server side modules.

4. Testing
With the main purpose to ensure the app’s proper work, it is always tested in advance methodically with recording of all the information.

5. Fix & Review
If some issue comes out of testing, it will be fixed on this stage and the app will get its final version.

6. Starts with an Idea
With the purpose to realize all clients’ ideas and objectives, the company develops the idea and work through to provide detailed strategy.

7. Submit & Start Earning
The final step is the one where the app is submitted to the app store. Here you start making your money.

Reviews of WillowTree

According to the client’s feedbacks on Clutch.co, WillowTree provides very professional user support services together with valuable response and feedback. Here you can find what WillowTree clients say about the team:

“Once ordering services here, we started to get great results. Our iPhone application got a Top 20 Business App in iTunes almost after its launch. It was the best launch ever for any of our applications.”

“The company appreciates a great partnership with every client. They really adore various challenges.”

“WillowTree is a top app and software development company. The work the company performs is really professional.”

“It was very pleasant to work with such an experienced company that has so many talented workers.”

“WillowTree desire to work on new unique ideas is really exceptional.”

Official web site: http://willowtreeapps.com/

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