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[x]cube LABS company was founded in 2008. The total number of employees currently reaches 50-249. Average hourly rate is $25-$49.

[x]cube LABS (PurpleTalk),
4153 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75206, United States,

Phone #: +8 00 8055 783

Official web site: http://www.xcubelabs.com/

[x]cube LABS (PurpleTalk) is a leading company in mobile consulting and development. [x]cube already helped numerous small businesses, startups and few Fortune 500 companies to develop their apps. Particularly, over 600 apps were developed through [x]cube platforms. [x]cube LABS is currently called one of the most trustworthy mobile solutions companies globally. [x]cube LABS delivers not only first-class mobile app development, but also provides solutions for our clients on how getting rid of problems and reaching huge market success. Remaining a leading company in mobile technology industry, [x]cube LABS devotes into development and research in order to provide innovations and new ideas of design into own app development strategy. Company offers top-notch services provided by experienced consultants and based on well-defined methodology and technical competency. [x]cube LABS offers the best mobile solutions, which are vital for success of any business. [x]cube LABS focuses on unique mobile solutions, strong mobile strategy consulting, mobile app design and mobile game improvement.

Why to choose [x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS focuses its work on providing firms and enterprises who have a desire to change the world with the best companion that can assist in realization of their notions. Simply, company works to inspire firms-champions for higher achievements. [x]cube LABS supports companies in development of new ideas and models, together with providing better response by delivering the best mobile solutions. [x]cube LABS (PurpleTalk) is a single company that provides creative and genuine mobile solutions and operative strategies for skilled businesspersons and simple romantics[x]cube LABS can become a great partner for any project team, as it offers collaboration with one of the most experienced teams. The company key specialization is providing of best solutions and delivering of quality products and services. [x]cube LABS offers a gorgeous environment for talent people who think originally.

[x]cube LABS Services

Digital Renovation
[x]cube LABS focuses on digital strategy consulting as this specialty brings innovation to the market. Company has a great experience in digital innovation delivery, as [x]cube LABS was working with several Fortune 500 companies and startups. Company can become a great partner for companies working on digital transformations and deliver new products to the world.

Current digital world provide various opportunities that allow every enterprise bringing innovations and creating services more appreciated by customers. A well-organized strategy is a key to digital transformation and further launching of continually developing product.

The total number of downloads delivered by company has reached already over 10 million, together with over 100 plug-n-play: Madagascar-Join the circus, Top Zoo, Star Trek Trexels, etc.

[x]cube LABS has a great experience in mobile solution delivery. Company operated over 600 apps through [x]cube platforms. More than $2 billion in value for company’s clients was earned.

With current modernized way of market development, the device that easily provides location, context and other valued data has become an important instrument. The [x]cube works to provide every app with desired downloads and high ranking.

At this time, cloud and mobile remain to be the most disruptive know-hows. [x]cube delivers cloud-computing services together with cloud based development strategy, building internet scale platforms and cloud migration.

[x]cube offers services performed by a well-known award-winning design team that cares about needs of users. A team of experts completes every project.

Cross Platform
To response challenges like device diversity and platform fragmentation, cross-platforms has been created. [x]cube can help generate multi-platform experience fitted for all the users and business needs almost perfectly.

Wearable Tech is an important aspect in the industry of digital promotion. Company delivers high-quality wearable app development services, including creating apps for, Smart Watchers, Smart clothing and Google Glass.

In order to keep supreme quality, [x]cube test apps on real devices in advance. This method arranged for providing high performance and app reliability. [x]cube team works on native automation and compliance analysis.

Business Process Organization
The company provides its own [x]cube Business Process Management strategy and mobile solutions services that ensure better response to customer needs and positive transformative influence on your business.

Device Integration
Mobile app integration remains to be an important process as it provides new opportunities and adds alteration and innovation in business processes. [x]cube has a stunning experience in device integration process.

Content Management
Remaining a crucial instrument of digital operation, Content Management is [x]cube top service. It allow building content management strategy those solves problems and creates correct solutions.

[x]cube analytic services is design to ensure great results and provide businesses with more opportunities. With a great experience of working with various businesses, the company deliver the best solutions to initiate changes.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things together with other needed connecting devices, cloud and data are available with [x]cube. The company runs these tools with the purpose to bring better productivity of the business and provide a steady connection.

Smart TV
Smart TV is an innovation that modify the current reality. Now, Smart TV development services are also available with [x]cube via Android, Apple TV, etc.

[x]cube LABS Development Process.

Within the app development process [x]cube LABS provides both alphas and betas versions of the app to ensure the final version of the app will have requested functionality. The project development process is divided into the following steps:

    1. Business and Research Analysis.
    2. Project presentation through clickable prototype. The final version is available via web link.
    3. Project setting up, including appraisal of project delivery timeline, project scope and price.
    4. Few design concepts demonstrate the graphic design.
    5. Application development.
    6. Application versions testing.
    7. Application distribution.
    8. Project support and optimization.

Reviews of XCubeLabs

According to the clients feedbacks, responses and feedback provided by [x]cube LABS during the course of every single project is quite valuable and punctual. Here you can read some of the clients opinions about [x]cube LABS team of specialists:

“I had a great time communicating with [x]cube LABS specialists. They have answered all my questions in details. It is for sure their great advantage providing such a great responsive communication. Besides, they perform an excellent job while working with the project.”
– Top Manager, Graphic Design company

“[x]cube LABS experts need minimum instructions to perform their job excellently. After gathering all the requested info about project, they start to perform it without any extra super vision.”
– Co-Founder, App Startup

“It was a great experience working with the company that knows how to provide the best results and the highest ratings. The [x]cube LABS’s team are real experts. Their mobile solutions allowed our company to reach a further growth.”
– Owner, Film Company

“According to the fact that [x]cube LABS is the only one company with a well-planned app development strategy, we made our decision about cooperation very quickly. The team needs no extra instructions or control, as they surely know what they do and how it must be done.”
– Chief Executive, Online Media

“During our joint work, the company provides us with top-notch services only, also for very reasonable price. [x]cube LABS services were the one we needed. Moreover, the price was great.”
– Service Manager, App Startup

[x]cube LABS client are happy with the services company provides, as well as with affordable prices and skillful project support team. Additionally, they highly recommend [x]cube LABS to others.

If you want to work with professional team of [x]cube LABS, connect the company representative!

Official web site: http://www.xcubelabs.com/

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