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The Yalantic company was founded in 2008. The total number of employees currently reaches 50-249. Average hourly rate is $25-$49.

st. Karla Marksa 5,
Dnepropetrovsk 49000, Ukraine

Official web site: https://yalantis.com/

Yalantis is a full-cycle native Android and IOS application development company. The company provides mobile solutions for startups, small and medium businesses. Yalantic is a recognized brand in New York, Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen and Kiev. Yalantis focusses on development of advanced audio, video and graphic content as well as functionality for Android and iOS mobile devices. The main spheres company works on are user interface design and customer-centric user experience, which helps clients to reach their main goals. All the provided custom mobile solution are designed in order to reach project KPIs.

Why to choose Yalantis

Yalantis improves and examines instruments and techniques with the main goal to help clients get their desired results by the usage of the cost-affective, high quality and reliable mobile solutions. Yalantis helps clients to keep top positions in rapidly changing tech-driven markets.

Yalantis Research and Developemnt activities allow exploring rapidly evolving technologies and discover the best methods of providing clients with the most effective services. Company’s new business models and cost savings methods allow providing innovations and forcing businesses to develop faster.

Yalantis prefers to deal with innovations and new solutions for business development constantly looking for new answers to old questions. The ability to conduct experiments is one of key features of the company.

Yalantis Services

Yalantis offers various methods of app development. The skills company has allow conducting all the processes of app development, including design, strategy, launch and development itself.

With the main purpose for mobile solutions to win the competition, Yalantis provides many leading strategies.

Yalantis analyzes all the product’s strengths and weaknesses together with threads and possibilities. Company’s SWOD analysis allow looking for the best solutions, in the same time analyzing performance metrics and finding ways for app’s upgrading.

Product Definition
A well-defined app is a crucial for right app development, as it allow demonstrating its correct purpose. Product definition takes in name selection and writing down the product description for Google Paly Store or the App Store. It also help describe app on the profounder level with giving an information about advantages of the app.

Target Market Analysis
In order to provide clients with the correct audience, Yalantis concentrates on providing market analysis and getting data on how to fit apps to the correct users. Being aware of your audience is crucial before designing an app. Moreover, target market analysis also allow providing more proficient app promotion and reaching broader user base.

Determining KPIs
Key Performance Indicators or KPIs demonstrate how the app realizing its goals. These pointers are vital for business’ realization. Based on key product goals and features of the app, the company determines KPIs.

User Acquisition Strategy
After the app is launched, Yalantis cultivates the entire multi-step strategy to obtain bigger user base for an app. It takes in action plan with numerous tactics, social media marketing and PR methods.

User Retention Strategy
Keeping in mind that users are key for continual growth of the app, Yalantis bases its retention strategy on personal relations with users through numerous channels of communication (email, social media, push messages and chats).

With user-centric approach to design Yalantis guarantees the app will be functioning perfectly. Design is an important process as it allow both creating suitable app for user base and commercially successful merchandise.

Competitive Audit
With the main purpose to learn about all the opportunities existed within a niche given to app, company analyses the сompetition. Moreover, audit also includes research into market trends. Competitive audit is an important issue for every app development.

Graphical Models
The main needs of users and product strongest sides are defined by using graphical prototypes. Yalantis provides various analyses of business cases and business requirements that help virtualize all the data into diagrams, maps and users stories.

Graphic Design
Basing on company’s belief that user interface have to convey the app’s idea; visual design must always be a form of communication. The interface drives user through the app, given better engagement. Besides, new technologies and design principles are used for design improvement.

User Research
The company focuses its user research on accepting all the user needs, behavior and motivation. The research allow captivating use cases and behavior scenarios.

Integration Design and UX
The UX and integration design includes numerous animations, wireframes that help deliver a clickable prototype, used as a model for testing, and clients review before the launching of an application.

Testing of Usability
During all the entire design process, company provides tests in order to certify solutions and ideas. Once getting testing results, it is time to make some improvements. After being conferred with clients, the entire development process endures.

Yalantis deliver native Android and iOS services: all requested services that help create the best user-oriented mobile solution.

Project Planning
The project planning stage consists of drafting of project roadmap, analysis of Minimum Viable Product and time-efficiency checking. Planning allows fast testing of product ideas.

API Design
The company uses RESTful APIs that are specially created to come across all the business requirements and to be highly accessible.

Quality Guarantee
Yalantis guarantees high quality over its quality control deeds. Additionally, company guarantees code to have no bugs and errors through software design and testing.

Product Development
Yalantis provided nonstop product growth and development. All the development services company provides remain to run until the delivery of the wished results.

Android And iOS App Development
Projects performed by Yalantis are divided into repetitive cycles known as iterations. Every iteration is usually two weeks long and operates on one particular functionality’s operation. The iteration running process includes specification of requirements to design, testing, development and distribution.

Admin Panel Development
Company’s admin panels provides useful user management together with object management. The admin panel allows controlling user-generated content and running pages with combined analytics.

Support and Updates
Yalantis makes available regular updates and bug fixed for their clients.

Yalantis Development Process.

In order to create projects highly described with clearness, efficiency, scalability, visibility, flexibility and communication, Yalantis development process is always well-thought- out and consists of five important stages:

    1. Launch of calls and requirements collecting.
    2. Project planning that contains making of project plan, technical requirements, detailed valuation, user stories and elementary design.
    3. Project development that includes analysis, demo, iteration report, design and models.
    4. Release.
    5. Maintenance and updates.

Reviews of Yalantis

According to the customers’ feedbacks on Clutch.co, Yalantis offers good-quality response and answers to the questions
about every project they worked on. Here is some of the reviews on company services and professional Yalantis team:

“Yalantis can provide any client with very quick response and answers to any question. Knowing on my own experience, they are professionals in providing responsive communication. It is very importan feature of the company’s work.”
– Manager, Accent App Startup

“It was very pleasant to work with Yalantis. The team is always willing to help you with any issue you have. They really appreciate good relationship with their clients.”
– Investor, Lumber Industry

“No extra guidance is needed while you are working with Yalantis. Once you present them your idea, they will perform an excellent job without any additional orders.”
– Co-Founder, Online Media Company

“Responsiveness and willingness of Yalantis is highly appreciated on the market. These professionals adore new ideas, which makes them a great and unique team. They are good in discovering new ways and original solutions. The results of their job are outstanding!”
– Vender, Graphic Design Services Firm

“I am more than just simply satisfied with Yalantis work. Many thanks to account manager for such a great job.”
– Product Manager, Online Real Estate Store

“We have chosen Yalantis among other companies because of the great portfolio. Almost certainly, it was one of the best portfolio we ever seen on the market.”
– Principal Director, Nonprofit Organization

“Yalantis differs among other development companies we worked with, as this team has a unique ability to say no. Yalantis company has own strategy and detailed plan on how solving clients’ problems. They are always one step forward.”
– CEO, Business Intelligence Supplier

“Yalantis offers very quality services for an affordable price. The company’s price list is better for the same level of development than in other familiar app companies.”
— Co-founder, Online Media Channel

Clients are pleased with quality services and work provided by Yalantis. Particularly, clients appreciates a professional approach of Yalantis team to the development process. In addition, they highly recommend Yalantis to others.

It is a high time to make your dreams come true with Yalantis!

Official web site: https://yalantis.com/

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